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A Cup of Sun Story

My personal healing journey started over ten years ago, the insight and knowledge I have gained has forever changed my life and the way I approach healing and nutrition. Several years into my journey not only had my diet and lifestyle changed but so had my views on allopathic medicine. I had discovered that food is medicine and if we give our body what it needs, it will heal. This led me to wholeheartedly adopt a holistic way of living that I apply to myself and my family.

On this journey I was introduced to the healing powers of Golden Milk and it became an integral part of my daily routine. My son who was born in 2012 did not sleep through the night for the first 2 1/2 years and when he finally started to sleep through the night I no longer could. My ability to sleep had been hijacked and I was a wreak to say the least. In desperation I tried every natural approach I could find and Golden Milk was one of them. Fortunately within 3 weeks my sleep patterns were restored and I was sleeping through the night again and regaining my sanity!

The desire to have this in my life everyday lead me to develop A Cup of Sun. Truth was I didn't like the grainy, gritty powders nor the hassle of making it every day. As a self prescribed foodie I set on a six month quest to perfect a paste that was easy and convenient to use yet retained the powerful healing properties. Six months after finding the perfect combination of ingredients that supported my healing journey and a consistency and texture that was rich and creamy I had my healing blend.

I launched A Cup of Sun because I wanted to share the magic of this paste with others in the hopes it would be beneficial and easy to incorporate into a daily routine. This literally brought sun back into a very dark, difficult season in my life and my hope was it would have the same effect for others in need on their healing journey.

Every ingredient is intentional and serves a purpose.

Every batch receives a batch blessing and is made with love.

Every jar is filled with a desire to support the mind, body and spirit.

In ultimate health and well-being - Steph


photo credit: Scott Brown